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Auto-ID - Automatic backup (AGS-15124)


  • Reduce the effort to restore in case of disaster.

  • Ensure critical data is backed up and available to be restored.


Now you have the ability to set an automatic backup of the Auto-ID information. You will have the ability to specify the time interval and the directory of the automatic backup.

Setup & Usage

In AGRIS go to ONE > Setup Information > Workstation Information > Auto-Id.

Backup Interval

Off – Do not automatically backup.

Every 2 Hours – While in Ticket Entry, create a backup file every 2 hours.

Every 4 Hours – While in Ticket Entry, create a backup file every 4 hours.

Every 1 Day – Create a backup file every day after going into Ticket Entry the first time.


Enter a directory followed by a filename and extension. The file extension should be CSV. The filename will have a timestamp appended to it. The last 10 backup files will be preserved and can be sorted by filename. When 10 files exist, the oldest one is deleted before a new is created.

Backup Now

Immediately creates a new backup file. Launches the Advanced Reports > Auto-Id Export Spreadsheet report to create the file. No filters are used in the export process.

Restore Now

Provides a file search dialog window to select a backup file to restore. Upon selection, the Web Service Import process is launched to restore the backup.

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