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Self Check-In Quick Entry (AGS-16084)


  • Maximize the speed of driver data input at the kiosk.

  • Minimize prompts the driver needs to answer in order to start a ticket.


Quick Entry allows a card to be scanned and the driver is immediately taken to the Final Confirmation page where they can edit any prompt and submit the ticket. The main difference with this feature turned on is that there is no Auto-Id popup confirming the information on a card scan or Auto-Id number. When this feature is in use, every Ticket Field used in the Self Check-In Server must be assigned to be recalled from last load (go to setup for more information on exceptions to this rule). This allows the driver to edit each prompt on the Final Confirmation page. The Self Check-In Client will not jump to the Final Confirmation if there are missing Last Load Recall fields that are not assigned to the Auto-Id. An example of this, is when the card or Auto-Id is used for this first time when there is nothing assigned onto the Auto-Id. Another situation where driver will not be taken to the Final Confirmation page is when there are multiple Customer Name Ids on the card.

Note: Setup requires Last Load Recall turned on.

Setting up Quick Entry:

The first step to setting up Quick Entry is to go into Workstation Information, under the Auto-ID tab, and enable “Always Update Auto-Id Fields From Last Load.” Then, from the list below, check the fields that one would want to make their Self Check-In Setup with. These checked fields will be the only fields available to choose from when setting up the server, along with the following fields:

“ (Not Used) “

“Start Message”

“Finish Message”

“Auto-Id Number”

“Auto-Id Load Number”

“Last Product Hauled”

“Hold Message”

It is important to note that the user can check fields here that have not been implemented into Self Check-In. These fields include:

"I/O Code"

"Transaction Type"

"Application Type"

"Ticket Location"

"Transportation Mode"

"Scale Type"

"Max Scale Weight"

"Tare Weight"

"Target Weight"

"Shipment Id"

"Cash Price"

"Freight Rate"

"Additional Freight"

"Weight Base"

"Grade Base"

"Freight Status"




Now that the user has properly choose the fields that are going to update from the last load, to finish the setup for Quick Entry the user must create and or edit an existing Self Check-In Server setup. Now we will demonstrate how to create the setup from scratch.

Once you have added a new Self Check-In setup, make sure you check the “Enable Quick Entry” checkbox. This is an important step since the indexing of the prompts ticket field’s can get reindexed, causing a bunch of needed editing to fix the setup.

Now adding the first prompt one can see that the Ticket Field dropdown list, correlates to the checked fields from Workstation Information. Here we see that the Shipper Name Id and the Hauler Name Id are no longer an option to choose (Customer Name Id then to Farm/Field), as we did not check them in Workstation Information.

Chose to make this first prompt a Start Message.

Prompt number two is an Auto-Id card scan. This prompt can have whatever Field Entry Method works best for the user. This prompt in this scenario is required. While not necessary, the concept of Quick Entry needs some form of Auto-Id, and by not requiring the prompt a driver can skip it and be forced to fill in every prompt in a worst case scenario.

The next prompts are Customer Name Id and Commodity. Ending the setup with a Finish Message.


That is how one would create a Self Check-In setup which uses Quick Entry.


While creating a new server setup is easier when using Quick Entry, it is possible to edit an existing setup. We will go through this process by editing the server setup we just created.

First step, is to go into the setup we just created (or copy the previous setup) and uncheck the Quick Entry checkbox. We have now effectively disabled Quick Entry for this setup, granting the user access to any Ticket Field. As shown below, the user can now choose to add a Shipper Name Id and a Hauler Name Id.

Lets’ say we wanted to add a Shipper Name Id after the Commodity. This field can be changed with any Ticket Field that is not checked in Workstation Information.

Now save the Self Check-In setup. This is the setup that we want to change to use Quick Entry. The correct way to do this is to go into the setup and take note of which fields in the setup will be needed to be checked in Workstation Information and check them before editing the Self Check-In setup. However, if a user skips this step, it is possible that the Self Check-In Client will not work as intended. This will also happen if a user unselects one of the checkboxes used in Workstation Information that is assigned in the current Self Check-In setup.

Here is what a user will see if they turn this Self Check-In setup to use Quick Entry without checking the “Shipper Name Id” field in Workstation Information.

Go into the setup and check the “Enable Quick Entry” checkbox.

Edit the “Shipper Name Id” field. Here one can see that the Ticket Field has now changed to be the “(Not Used)” field. Click the “OK” button. Now we see that there is no Field Name in our setup for what was our Shipper Name Id prompt.

This causes an issue when trying to use this setup, since the prompt will never be skipped it will always stop for the user to enter in a Shipper Name Id.

A similar situation will occur if a user unselects one of the checkboxes used in Workstation Information that is assigned in the current Self Check-In setup. For example, if the user decides that the Commodity should not be assigned to be updated from last load. The driver will jump to the Final Confirmation page (if filled out on the Auto-Id), but will not be able to edit the Commodity prompt.

*AS of 21.1.0 the Farm/field and Ticket Split Group prompts do not work as intended and instead work like they would with Last Load Recall on.


Auto Id used in example



Using the auto-Id (00000002) above.

Since there is no information on the card, the driver is stopped on each prompt to fill out information. Note: required makes you forced to enter, where if the prompt is not required the driver can leave the prompt blank and continue.

On the final confirmation screen, the driver can edit every field (except for the Auto Id Number). Submit the ticket, and the driver sees the Finish Message.

Now finish the ticket, in Ticket Entry so the Auto-Id is updated.

The information from the last load has successfully updated the Auto-Id number. Now running through the process again, with the updated Auto-Id, we see the Quick Entry feature in action.

After the card scan, we jump immediately to the Final Confirmation screen where the driver can edit the fields if they have changed since the last time the card was used.

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