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Bulk 780-Automatically create and store a copy of bulkWeigh Configuration File (AGS-12679)


  • Reduce the effort to recover from a system down

  • Minimize effort to correct key values that an operator may have inadvertently changed.


Now you can store a copy of bulkWeigh Configuration File automatically.


The configuration is stored in a file named BULKCs.CFG where “s” is the scale number.

The configuration file is currently updated:

  1. On program start when controller configuration differs from settings on the PC and user chooses to save controller configuration.

  2. When clicking Save on the Configuration screen.

  3. When clicking Save on the Options screen.

  4. On program exit.

A backup is saved when updating the configuration file and a setting other than Auto Start, Auto Finish or Batch Mode is changed.

The backup file is created in the same directory as the configuration file. The backup filename is the same as the configuration file but has the current date and time appended to the name. The backup file is a copy of the configuration settings before updating with new settings.

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