Contracts - How to Electronically Sign Commodity / Grain Contracts via eSign

See the attached video for how eSignature of Commodity / Grain Contracts works.  This is the basic workflow depicted in the video:

  1. Create contract in AGRIS
  2. Print contract to screen - automatically saves to AttachToo
  3. View Unsigned Contract in AttachToo
  4. View contract in Action List & Send for Signature (Clicking on Green Arrow)
  5. Document flows from Ready to Pending as the email is sent to counter party  for their review and signature
  6. Counter Party receives email for signature
  7. Customer signs contract electronically:
    1. Customer accepts terms
    2. Customer signs document
  8. Counter party receives email with link to download document (also sent to sender)
  9. In Action List, the document flows from Pending to Signed & Complete
  10. Automatically updates contract status to "Y" in AGRIS
  11. Automatically saves signed copy in AttachToo

Please contact your Greenstone Relationship Manager (email or call 800-366-2474) for more information, including how you can get this feature.