What's New in MyGrower - 3.8 Released AUG 2023

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Ability to select multiple invoices to pay at one time.

Improved efficiency when submitting and reviewing payments on particular invoices.



Scale Tickets

Ability to display Farm/Field data via the mobile application

Allows for more detail to be shown on spcific scale tickets improving the overall clarity on grain delivered.


Ability to review what members have subscribed to certain subscription groups.

Provides administrators with the oppurtunity to review who (members) has subscried to your notification groups. Ability to see first, last name, email, & cell phone number information.

Cashbids & Futures

Improved UI to the Delivery month column to now include entire delivery period.

Allows the administrator to customize their price feed by selecting how to display the delivery months to their end users.


Bug Fixes

Numerous quality improvements.

*=This feature is available in the MyGrower “Pro” subscription.

Need Help?

To take advantage of the newly developed MyGrower features and improvements, please upgrade to the latest release version of AGRIS available.  Click HERE for more information.

We are happy to assist you in updating to the latest version of AGRIS so that you can use MyGrower to its fullest potential.  Please reach out to Support (MySupport@culturatech.com or 800-366-2474, option 1, 2, 3) if you would like assistance.

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