Push Notifications - Administrators can push out messages to the App

Do you want to:

  • Reduce time for customers to see available information?

  • Eliminate the cost of separate text messaging services?

  • Make sure customers have up-to-the-minute updates from your business?

  • Take full advantage of your grower engagement platform?

This new feature will allow you to:

  1. Push out messages and information to pop-up immediately on the customers' MyGrower mobile device or portal browser.

    1. Got a promotional offer?  Having bad weather and need to communicate a closing early message?  Celebrating an anniversary or hosting a grower event?  Use MyGrower to help you communicate these messages!

  2. Give customers the ability to make well informed, timely decisions.

  3. Access this capability through the "News" tab within the admin portal on MyGrower.

Usage Screenshots:

Navigation:  "News" Tab > New Message

Enter Title and Message

*Please contact your Greenstone Relationship Manager for more information about this feature.

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