What's New In MyGrower 2.6! - Released OCT 2019


How-To pages are now available for Growers and Admins

 Visit this page to see detailed how-to's with pictures and videos to help you and your customers complete tasks: MyGrower Customer Documentation

Action List (Show/Hide) ButtonAdmins can now choose to show or hide Action List functionality. This can be accessed from the View Preferences page by the super admin.
Added 2 more HyperlinksWe received great feedback from building the hyperlink feature. Customers wanted more, so we built more for you. You can now have up to 3 hyperlinks show up on the website and mobile app.

User Experience

Download the MyGrower App

Growers can download the MyGrower App from Apple or Android App Stores (MyGrower Pro customers can also download their custom apps from Apple and Android App Stores).

 Appstore lrg 25178aeef6eb6b83b96f5f2d004eda3bffbb37122de64afbaef7107b384a4132  Image result for Android Badge png

Contract Remarks now visible Grower can now see contract remarks if there are any on the MyGrower website and the mobile app.
Contract Dates are now Due DatesNow calling the contract due date instead of contract or price date, for both website and mobile platforms.
Simplified the Prepaid BalanceSimplified the Prepaid balance on mobile similar to how it shows on the website.
Various User Experience ImprovementsCleaned up a few things and renamed some tabs for easier navigation
Bugs FixedTickets application bug resolved, mobile invoice detail page bugs resolved, and keyboard issue with Action List.
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