What's New In MyGrower 2.2! - Released MAY 2019


Push Notifications

Admins can make full use of pushing out messages to the MyGrower Android and Apple Apps, as well as the desktop portal.

User Experience

Download the MyGrower App

Growers can download the MyGrower App from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

  • (MyGrower Pro customers can also download their custom apps from Android and Apple stores)


Optimized performance by more than 300% for Tickets, Contracts, and Invoices on both the Mobile App and Desktop Portal.

Filter by Applied To

Growers can now filter Tickets by "Applied To" in Desktop or Mobile App (Click link for pictures).

Password Reset Time

The time allotted for growers to change their password upon admin reset used to be 5 minutes. This has been extended to 3 days.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a few bugs related to Invoice Descriptions and Item Descriptions. They now show properly, and adhere to Invoice settings inside AGRIS.


ACH Auto-Apply

  • You can now choose to have payments made by growers to be Auto-Applied in AGRIS with a simple check mark. This will save you a lot of time and effort!

  • If you choose this option instead of payment being on hold, it will be applied to oldest balance first, all locations

ACH Bank Name and Account Type

Crop Inputs Tab

Has been changed to "Transactions", so it's easier to understand by users and the name is suitable for all customers.

For questions or additional information please contact your Greenstone Account Manager.

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