What's New in MyGrower - 3.4 Released APR 2023

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What’s New Highlights







Billing Detail - Prepay

Display details of what comprises open prepay amounts (MYG-990)

  • Reduce time and effort for a grower to understand open (unapplied) Prepay balance amounts.

  • Minimize time and effort the merchant/administrators spend answering questions from growers about what comprises open prepay amounts.

How to enable Prepays as an admin

Enable Prepays - Click this link and follow the directions in order to display open prepays to your growers.


Ways to Promote the NEW prepay features with your MyGrower members

Statement Stuffer Templates

Utilize and share the customizable Statement Stuffers to communicate this exciting new feature with your MyGrower members. These ready-made templates save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your customers.

 Here are the links to the 2 Statement Stuffer templates:

Social Media Template

Utilize and share the customizable a graphic to post on your social media pages! Consider posting the grower facing video to show your MyGrower members how to view their prepay balances.

Stay on top of your prepays with ease! Save yourself time and phone calls by viewing your prepay balance on our grower app and portal anytime and anywhere.

If you don’t have our grower app and portal, you’re missing out. Here’s how you can view your prepays and MORE >>> [insert link that provides info and details to get your agribusiness’s MyGrower app]

Tutorial videos

These two “How To” videos are intended for you to show your growers how to view their prepays. Utilize these videos on your website, in communications or on your social channels.

Web Portal Tutorial - How to View Prepays


Mobile Tutorial - How to View Prepays


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