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oneWeigh - What's New in 21.1.0

oneWeigh - What's New in 21.1.0



Additional Notes


Audit Log - Add ticket remark for "Audit Reason" to display in log contents

  • Ensure relevant information surrounding the deletion of a ticket is able to be relayed in the Audit Log event details and through Alert Router.

  • Eliminate the need for further research of key Audit Log events by allowing input and transmission of these details from the scale.

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Audit Log - Performance improvements when loading a large number of entries

Reduce total wait time when searching a large number of log entries, such as when loading more than 100,000 log entries.


Auto-ID - Automatic backup

  • Reduce the effort to restore data in case of disaster.

  • Ensure critical data is backed up and available to be restored.

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Auto-ID - Use net units instead of gross units after second weight when checking max units

  • Present operator with an accurate Auto-ID balance of the remaining quantity after discounts are applied.

  • Help operator determine how much more quantity can be shipped for an Auto-ID.


Driver License Interface on Ticket Print - Ability to use RFID sessions 3 or 4 for DL input

Maximize the number of RFID sessions available on workstation for Driver License input.


Forms Router - Add Void as a selectable Transaction Type

Allow for void tickets to have their own unique ticket form when necessary.


Load Order Selection - Remove selected order from ticket

  • Allow for a load order selection to be reversed without having to delete a ticket and create a new one in its place.

  • Reduce time and effort to remove a load order from a ticket. 


PLC Interface - Ability to Receive binSight Bin Assignment from PLC

  • Ensure accurate bin assignment information.

  • Eliminate dual entry of bin information.

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Pit Router - Quick access button to edit router settings from Ticket Entry

  • Eliminate the need for operator to enter setup to change Pit Router assignments.

  • Reduce the effort necessary to change Pit Router assignments.

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Scale Setup - Add ability to store Scale Description in a remark field

Quickly determine which scale was used for each weight taken on a ticket.

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Self Check-In - Ability to Skip Start Message and Use Card Scan Prompt to Start Ticket

  • Reduce effort to begin a new ticket.

  • Maximize speed of data input.

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Self Check-In - Add ability to have more than one hold message

Ensure driver remains in place until processing is complete.


Self Check-In Client - Redesign prompt to give more room for messages using card scan

  • Maximize use of available screen real estate.

  • Minimize effort for driver to read screen from a distance.


Self Check-In Client - Hide the maximize button

Minimize the risk that a driver could change the Self Check-In Screen location and appearance.


Self Check-In Client - Launch in Last Location and Size State

  • Minimize the effort to prepare the client program.

  • Provide a consistent experience when starting the client program.


Self Check-In Quick Entry

  • Maximize speed of driver data input at the kiosk.

  • Minimize prompts that a driver needs to answer in order to start a ticket.

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Ticket Entry - Option to alert operator that ticket has no weight

  • Minimize the chance that the initial weight capture is missed by an operator on a ticket.

  • Provide visual reminder to the operator that a weight needs to be taken before passing the ticket.

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Ticket Recovery - Ability to regenerate any export or communication

  • Minimize the effort to re-send ticket information.

  • Provide a new user experience to filter tickets that can be re-sent to multiple integrations.

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Bulk 780 - Detect versions of ActiveReports newer than version 10

Ensure compatibility with ActiveReports versions beyond v10.


Bulk 780 - Automatically create a backup copy of bulkWeigh Configuration File

  • Reduce the effort to recover from a system down.

  • Minimize effort to correct key values that an operator may have inadvertently changed.

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DRS - Add Test Button to Site Configuration

Reduce effort necessary to run communication/connectivity tests by having them in the program where setup or maintenance is being performed.

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DRS - Ability to alert operator via email if updates are not processing

  • Minimize effort to know if there is a communication issue.

  • Reduce effort to know if a location is offline and not receiving updates as scheduled.

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